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If I win a Medal, Award or Trophy, do I keep it?

Medals become your property and so may be kept indefinitely; but any Trophy you win remains the property of the Festival, so you may keep it for about 1 year when you must return it (by April 1st of the following year), clean and in good condition to the Trophy Secretary (Shobbrook and Sons (Engravers), 7 King St Chester, CH1 2AH – tel: 01244 326730. Occasionally there is a split decision so that each winner holds the trophy for approximately 6 months. You will be asked to sign for the trophy before taking it away. Space permitting, you may have your name inscribed on the trophy or its plinth in similar size and style to existing engraving.  You are responsible for the cost if you wish to do this.

How does the marking system work?
The Festival adopts a numerical marking system.  Certificates are awarded in the following categories:
An exceptional performance, technically and artistically.
87 - 89         DISTINCTION
An excellent performance, technically and artistically.
84 - 86         COMMENDED
A convincing performance, technically and artistically.
81 - 83         MERIT
A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability.
78 - 80         MODERATE
A performance showing development of technique and/or communication.
75 - 77         FAIR
A performance limited in its communication.

Can my performance be recorded?
No, audio and video recording is strictly prohibited.
 Can I use photocopies?
You are strongly advised to read the Festival Rules and sections on Copyright and Adjudicator’s Copy to be sure that you are complying with the rules regarding the use of photocopies by yourself, by your accompanist or in providing copies for the Adjudicator in ‘own choice’ classes.
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