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How do I enter the festival?
          Each printed copy of the syllabus contains an entry form, (which may be photocopied if more than one copy is                 needed). Entry forms can also be downloaded from this site and mailed with payment.

What if I miss the closing date?
Late entries are not normally accepted, and with some popular sections (e.g. concerto and early graded piano classes), entries may close earlier than the official closing date if the classes are oversubscribed. In exceptional circumstances, and where numbers permit, the Entry Secretary may agree to accept late entries, but it is not advisable to rely on this discretion. If you know in advance that you cannot provide full details of your entries by the closing date, you should contact the Entry Secretary as early as possible, to improve the chances of your late entry being accepted.  If your entry is not accepted your entry fee will be returned to you.

Can I submit conditional entries?
No, entries submitted conditionally, for example on condition that the class will be held on a particular date or time of day, cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

What happens on the day?
You should arrive in plenty of time to park, and to find your way to the appropriate room or hall, and to make contact with your accompanist if you have one. Some classes may overrun, causing subsequent classes to start late, but no class will start early unless all performers are present. Your name will be called when it is your turn to perform.

What if I turn up late for the class?
Don’t panic, if you do it will almost certainly affect your performance. Whilst some classes last only a few minutes where there is a small number of entries, others may continue for an hour or even more, so you may still be in time. If you’ve missed your turn, your name will be called again after all other participants have finished performing. Of course, once the adjudicator has completed his or her decision and marking, then no more performances will be allowed to start. If you arrive late do not enter the performance room while others are performing, wait until you hear applause before entering. No refunds of entry fees can be entertained if you are unable to perform.
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