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General Info
Festivals aim to encourage young (and not so young) people to develop their talent and provide a forum for them to perform and receive feedback and adjudication from an experienced adjudicator. In the course of such festivals those taking part learn a great deal about performing, competing, succeeding, losing and acquiring skills that help them in all areas of their lives. Furthermore, in learning to perform or to acquire a musical skill they provide a great deal of pleasure to other people.

Help wanted….
The Chairman is always pleased to hear from people with a keen interest in promoting musical and drama education, performance and enjoyment who might like to join the Executive Committee or offer support at the Festival events.


How does the Chester Competitive Festival work?
The Chester Competitive Festival is a registered charity, run by a committee of volunteers. There are music sections – vocal, piano, instrumental, choirs and bands – plus a small section for composition.  Each section is divided into subsections consisting of competitive classes, some of them open to all comers, others limited by age, by grade or level of performance, or by type of performance (e.g. piano duet, school choir etc.).

You can enter as many classes as you like, subject to being eligible. Each section is judged by a professional Adjudicator, who will provide a written and, time permitting, a verbal assessment of each performance, and award appropriately graded certificates to each performer. Many classes carry medals and trophies in addition to certificates, provided a high enough standard is reached. Winners of first, second and third places are normally announced at the end of each class.
The Festival Rules for each section can be downloaded from this site. (They are included in the syllabus on Music Festival Page.)
When is the Chester Competitive Festival held?
The Speech & Drama Festival is held in March  each year, on a Saturday.
The Music Festival is held in April each year, on a Saturday.
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